Legal Secretary Resume Cover Letter

Administrative support to legal executives and lawyers is provided by legal secretaries. These secretaries assist legal executives in their daily duties which they perform in the running of a legal firm.

As a legal secretary, your main task would be to type letters and other important documents such as contracts, wills, and of course, court documents. The secretary may also be required to from time to time take dictions from the lawyer onto an audiotape and latter work on it.

Other duties are as follows:

Responding to telephone, letters, calls, e-mails and faxes.
Preparing court statements and forms.
Making appointments and organizing diaries on behalf of the legal executive.
Handling client’s enquiries.
Controlling petty cash and keeping records of costs within the office.
Collecting and delivering documents from and to different departments.
Attending police or court cells with the solicitors.
Filing legal forms and other general clerical work that are given to you.

When one is engaged with the small local firm, they are able to develop experience in various legal matters, but one would often be required to specialize in a particular area of law while they work in the larger firms.

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Job Application Follow Up Letter

A follow up letter is necessary if you have sent a letter of inquiry and want to thank someone for their business, or submitted a cover letter and resume in response to an available position. This is a crucial step to the interview process. The following are some helpful tips for writing a follow-up letter.

Confirm the receipt of an initial letter of inquiry, specifically if you have not received a response. Reference the first letter and the details of that letter and ask for a timely response if you have written a previous letter asking for information about a product or service.

Follow up letters are written to mainly thank the recipient of the letter of their business, referral or loyalty. Confirm the details of a conversation, or confirm a specific action list.

After a day or two following the interview, write a follow-up letter. Since the follow-up letter contributes to the decision-making process, a potential employer should receive the letter before a decision has been made.

Explain your skills and qualifications for an open position in the body of your follow-up letter. Although these letters take some time, they show your great interest in the position.

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