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Cover Letter for Resume

To describe the purpose of your resume, accompany it with a resume cover letter. This attracts the attention of your potential employer.

Mainly, it matches your abilities and interests with the needs of the employer. Having mentioned a point earlier in the resume, the cover letter for the resume will give you an opportunity to expand it, or introduce new information which qualifies you for the position.

To demonstrate your excellent communication ability, write a grammatically correct and well formatted resume cover letter. It is the skill that is required by each and every employer. Since before the actual interview the employer will have seen the cover letter, it should make a good, initial impression. It gives a correct way for an employer to estimate your qualifications.

As the person reading it is surely reading others, prepare or write a unique resume cover letter that would be interesting to read.

A few of the objectives of a resume cover letter include:

  • Telling the employer about your abilities and interest in the job.
  • Securing an interview.
  • Portraying your professionalism.
  • Influence an employer of your suitability for the job.
  • Structuring your interview.
  • Building your good will.
  • Portraying your personality.
  • Showing your writing and research skills.

Here are some tips in writing a resume cover letter:

  • Get a good quality A4 sheet to write a cover letter and resume.
  • Negative sentences and phrases should be avoided.
  • Do some research about the organization to familiarize yourself with, job position, organization’s structure, and its work culture and prepare your cover letter according to the specifications from the employer.
  • Using a blank ink to sign at the bottom of your cover letter.
  • Go through the resume cover letter again to check spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.
  • Ensure your cover letter is point wise and short.