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Free Resume Advice

Free Resume Samples, Resume Writing Tips & Resume Articles

Here, you will find over 100 free resume advice and samples to help you write the resume that lands you the dream job. For free resume samples please move to the right side navigation menu.

Competition today is everywhere, Even in the job market. A person seeking to a recruit will in most cases have a large number of applicants, but with very little time to interview each an d every one of them. This being the case, the recruiter will accept or reject most applicants only following a brief skimming of the resumes they present for consideration for the job. Keeping all these things in mind, it therefore leaves you with a little less than 2 minutes to make your impression in s eyes of the recruiter with your unique resume.

Since in most instances you will be chosen for or rejected for that interview entirely on the basis of your resume and cover letter, make each of them an outstanding piece to sell the product that is you.

You will in this site find all the advices on how to make the perfect resume, the format that should be used  and other things regarding the resume such as resume length, paper size, paper color, typesetting, type of resume (both functional or chronological) and action verbs to use on the resume to make it an attractive piece. There are also hundreds of free sample resumes you can look at to help you help in your writing.

These are the specific fields that are relevant to anyone who wants to create a job winning resume.  Please click on the field to look at the specific fields.

  • How to Write a Resume – here you will get some good information on how to write a good resume.
  • Resume Writers – For those that require a resume writer you will find useful information on how to choose one.
  • Resume Software – download simple and easy to use resume software to help you write a good resume.
  • Resume Template – need a sample? Get one here.
  • Electronic Resume – here you will find the tips on how to write a flawless electronic resume and the things to remember when drafting an electronic resume?
  • Functional Resume and Chronological Resume – The two types of resumes and their differences.
  • Difference between Resume and Curriculum Vitae – how do you differentiate the two?
  • Resume Writing Guide – Find a simple but effective guide to wring a resume.
  • Resume Banks – find out what is it?
  • Resume Layout – learn how to create a resume using either the simple and standard resume layout.
  • Resume should have Personality – Find out how.
  • Writing Resume Objective – Find out how to make the first impression using the resume.
  • Resume Objective Samples – get some samples to help you on your writing.
  • Resume Tips for Fresh Graduates – Good tips for starters.
  • Sending Out Resume – Ways to send our resume to employers.
  • Electronic Resume Tips – Tips when writing an electronic resume.
  • Effective Resume Qualities – Learn the qualities that will win you the interview.
  • Common Resume Mistakes – Avoid these mistakes and have a better start.
  • Resume Formats – so what is the chronological and functional resume?
  • Resume Help for Gap In Employment? – How to treat a gap in your employment record.
  • Resume for Boosting Your Worth – A sample.
  • Make Your Resume Stand Out – the most unique resumes win the jobs. Find out how to make your one.
  • What To and Not to Put in  a Resume – The do’s and don’ts for effective resume writing
  • Resume Cover Sheet Resume Cover Letter – why its important that you send a cover sheet / letter with your resume.
  • Niche Resume’s – How to write one?
  • How to Write a Resume – find all useful tips..
  • Niche Resume Writing Help – to help you in writing niche resumes.
  • Resume Length – what is the optimum length for various types of resumes?
  • Resume Writing Tips – find the most helpful tips.
  • Printable Resume – How to make a resume that is printable.
  • Professional Resume – find all that you need to make yours look like a professional resume.
  • Resume Design – Advice on how to design you resume.
  • Resume References – all about putting references on your resume.
  • Resume Skills – find out the skills to put in the resume to make it stand out.
  • Resume Posting – Things to remember while posting your resume.
  • Writing a  Winning Resume – All winner tips here
  • Resume Writers – List of resume writers from various states of America for those that need help.

For your use for your own job application we are constantly adding to our site free and more relevant resume tips and articles including free resume samples for your specific resume and job profile needs. Note that these free resume samples should not be sold or distributed to others in their current or modified form.

If you need more help, please visit our resume help section