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Group Interview Tips

When a job vacancy attracts a large number of applicants, the interviewer may decide to conduct a group interview. Group interview is economical than calling each interviewee separately and is also used to sieve the candidates based on their basic skills.

The candidates will be require to carry out exercises planned by the employers in a group which are usually hard to anticipate and therefore hard to prepare for. These are however general tips that can be applied apply to every kind of group interview one may face.

General Group Interview Tips

It is imperative that you follow certain rules when in a group of interviewees. Most group exercises will generally include solving hypothetical or a work related problems and arriving at a solution through brainstorming, team work, group interactions, display of leadership qualities, eliminating and accepting ideas etc. one should always remember  that they are being individually observed and evaluated at every stage.

  • Be courteous to everyone around you and build a good working relationship by breaking the ice by a brief introducing by telling them you
  • Listen to every instruction carefully and execute them for effective results.
  • Be an active participant to every task that is given so that you can showcase your skills.
  • All the same, active participation does not mean you have to dominate every discussion. It is important to listen and understand others’ perspective and ideas too.
  • Avoid being stubborn and forcing your opinions on others and as such try to convince the other members why your way of doing things is the best or right for that particular circumstance. Learn to compromise and accept others’ ideas with an open mind if their ways carry the day.
  • Due to difference of opinions in the group, there are bound to be some disagreement. These should be handled with care. The best way to solve a problem is by targeting the problem and collectively arriving at a unanimous solution. Avoid being aggressiveness and arrogance.
  • Appreciate other people who make a good suggestion and encourage taking steps in that direction by all members in the group.
  • Give constructive criticisms are welcome that instead of offending any of your team members lets them be critical thinker to solve problems.
  • Avoid ego clashes, power conflicts and unnecessary stressful outbursts. The employer is looking At how well you will work as a term and this kind of behavior will not add you any points..
  • Prepare a list of insightful questions to be asked after the task to demonstrate that you have keenly participated and have an individual point of view.
  • Reply questions directed to you by the interviewer accurately with short descriptions, but those that answers the question completely.
  • Works as a team, but at the same time elevate your individualism.

Follow these tips to ensure fruitful result at a group interview. Your key to success is your confidence, competence and professional behavior.