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Interview Follow Up Letter

The interview follow up letter is an essential tool in the job hunting process. For you to increase the chances of getting a shot at a desired job interview, a follow up letter inquiring about the same is quite essential. Just as cover letter is the most important and common business letter used in the process of job search.

In sending a follow up letter-before the interview – and a thank you letter – after the interview – you grab more attention from the potential employer at the same time allowing you to display a more professional approach to the job search.

Once you return home, write the follow-up letter the same day as the interview. Being late with the letter can potentially reflect badly on you, or worse, make you to be forgotten.

Referring to an incident that occurred during the interview will catch the interviewer’s attention however small. This helps you in that it makes you stand out from the crowd and triggers memories of the entire interview. It gets the interviewer to think beyond the notes he or she made during the interview.

In writing individual letters you not only demonstrate your manners but also emphasize on your recognition of individual opinions. Different people will be impressed by different things in the interview; there can be at least one person who is either more or less impressed or even indifferent. This means that you should address each one of them independently, and write each letter differently. There is a chance that they may discuss the letters among themselves at some point.

Ensure that you show awareness of the company culture; this is because employers like it when they know that a candidate has knowledge about company work ethics and culture. In so doing, you eliminate any ambiguity of whether you will fit in the company.

Positive writing is essential at the same time ensuring that the letter is not a ritual or boring. Use a professional language and a format which is as lively as possible. Keenly go through the letter and correct any mistakes.

Interview follow-up letters are quite essential as they help cement your candidacy, given the countless number of the candidates for the position. Indeed, many applicants do not write any sort of letters, let alone a follow-up letter. Since the follow-up letter demonstrates your interest in the company and position, pay a lot of attention in writing one carefully. By following the five tips above, you will be able to write an appealing follow-up letter that will favor you.