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Resume Cover Letter

What is resume cover letter?

Resume cover letter are also called resume cover sheet. It is a letter which goes with your resume to the employer giving details on why you are sending your resume.

It is something that many job seekers often forget to include when sending out their resume: the cover letter. This important piece that should go hand in hand usually is a forgotten piece that in effect cost many job seekers the prospect of a wonderful new job.

There are many reasons why a cover letter is vital and important piece of document in any job application. One of the reason employers need a cover letter from the job applicant is to consider him/her for potential job opening or employment. Most commonly a resume cover letter will have the following information:

1.      Name of the candidate.

2.      Code or Position number: This is usually given on the job advertisement and is used by the Human Resources department to track the progress of the opening.

3.      Name of the position for which you wish to be considered by the employer.

4.      Earliest availability/joining date for employment.

5.      In addition, a resume cover letter will also need you to review and sign an acknowledgement statement.

The cover letter is important source for critical information to prospective employers and is why any resume that is not accompanied by a cover letter will find its way into the trash.

Send a cover letter along with your resume even if the job that interests you does not request the presence of a resume cover letter because it is an important avenue to give additional information to prospective employers and most will appreciate the initiative you took in providing a cover sheet and of course consider you for your professionalism.