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Resume References

Putting references in a resume

Today, as a result to the consumerist approach to every other aspect of life the attachment of a copy of ‘guarantee of quality or productivity’ to everything that man makes including the man himself as become more than a rule rather than a necessity in this post globalized scenario is gaining a lot of importance that it was not allocated in the past.

This trend has even gone to the entertainment industry where the seller in the packaging of a movie DVD give the director’s name as well as another film personality whose footage can be seen in the DVD commentary. Another example are the healthcare product that will come with say a seal of a particular medical body which the consumer can trust.

However, this trend in referencing can best be seen in the practice of putting resume references while submitting them for consideration in various organizations. References are however not recommendation letters.

A resume reference a person or a list of person who can verify the facts and figures or the academic or professional credentials that a person lists in the resume and confirm that  the information that is being relayed via the resume is true.. Most people for this purpose will indicate the names of their former teachers or superiors in previous organizations or any satisfied clients.

The standard procedure in resume writing is to include the phrase ‘available on request’ where the references would have been at the end of the resume. In this way, the applicant will save on the space for more important details pertaining to his or her academic qualifications, work experiences and other relevant skills.

A list of references is made on a separate sheet of paper and is only given out after the first rounds of interviews are over. This allows the employer to get some feedback on the employee even before they have hired them.

The procedure of creating a resume should be done with utmost precision and care and in such a way that highlight one’s strengths and doesn’t have a mention of their weaknesses. Give a professional reference and also their job details, designation, contact numbers, addresses and if possible even e mail ids that will enable the employer to contact him to ask any question that they may have regarding you.

Giving an impressive designation is a good way to the right impression in the new organization and if he in addition to being renown he also belongs to the same industry or his opinion your skills and, qualities and characteristic traits which are relevant to proper function in your professional life such as accountability, discipline and regularity among several others.

When you decide to use a personal resume references, give the same descriptive details of the reference together with more details on how you two are acquainted.

As a general rule get in touch with your personal or the professional references and seek their consents about putting their names as resume references and also verify the comments they will give if contacted to remove loopholes and giving inconsistent remarks.