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Sending Out Resume

The preferred method for receiving the resume will vary from Companies  to company and one should take steps to ensure that they use the company’s preferred method including calling the company  to ask this if you  as an applicant know the company. However the common methods are through the mail, fax and also by email.

If possible ask them on whom you may call to follow up and find out if the resume was received. The information on how to send the resume is however in most cases indicated if the job appeared in an advertisement on the news paper.

It’s important that any resume sent be accompanied by a cover letter even if this is not asked of you in the advertisement for the post. Always write a fresh cover letter for each company or each position they are applying. Similar to the resume, cover letter should be customized for the company and be  job position specific.

If the resume was sent through the post, ensure that you come with you a soft copy of it to the interview.

If however you sent it via the email and no format of document was mentioned on the job advertisement, attach the resume into three formats: text version, document version and the scanned version to eliminate any potential distortion to the format of the resume because of the varied settings that is available to each computer.

Avoid using bullets, asterisks and other special characters for resumes to be transmitted electronically as such are usually lost during transmission to other machines in data entry sites. The font should be the standard like Courier New or Times New Roman since some latest programs don’t support the latest font or typeface and this might affect the appearance of your resume when viewed in their computer.

Scan your document for any virus or unwanted information before sending it through the internet. Go through the resume and remove any details that convey a message different to the one intended.

To check how your resume looks after being downloaded, send it to a friend or an alternative email an look at how it appears on their respective screens and computers. Posting the same to a blog is a good way to see how the resume looks in the web.  All this will e an assurance that the format of the resume will remain as intended when transmitted.

Sites that welcome posting of resumes by the job seekers on the Internet are a popular thing for job seekers.

By submitting a resume on job site, your resume is given visibility and suggested to the potential employers looking to hire online. The disadvantage of sending out a resume via email or newsgroup is that that you are not really sure that it will land on to the right person it was intended for or whether they will read it.

Because you are not aware of the person that got the resume or whether they are interested, you can only sit back and wait for a call that might never come.