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Teacher Interview Tips

A teaching job may not be one of the easiest to secure since the interviewee has to prove that they meet all the parameters required of a tutor to successfully land the job. Following tips will bring you a step closer to your preferred teaching job.

Interview Tips for Teachers:

  • Be punctual. The first nail to your coffin is late arrival for an interview. This will only cause serious damage to your chances of being hired as a teacher.
  • Be enthusiastic and of a cheerful personality. If you are able to keeping your enthusiasm level high and anxiety level low throughout the interview, you will be able to make the first long lasting impression.
  • Document your achievements and related work. Give any paperwork that will help you to illustrate your achievements in the teaching profession.
  • Get as much relevant information about the school as you can. This will include the school principles, standards, curriculum, student strength, extra curricular activities or other important things about the school. With this you will have specific answers and be able to mark out your talents that cater to their needs.
  • Set yourself from the other applicants by giving unique answers. To do this, first try to reflect on the question then give concise answers.
  • Following the study you have done on the school and its activities, prepare a list of 4-5 relevant questions that you can ask. This will also help you know what to expect from the school and what the interviewers expected of you.
  • Choose your clothing carefully. It is better to be formally dressed and at the same time be conservative.
  • Pay attention to your body language. From the non verbal signals that your body keeps sending all the time the interviewer can learn a lot about you. Present a positive attitude and outlook.
  • Handle difficult questions tactfully. Explain how you would handle situations calmly. On how you would tackle a class full of non co-operative children, you could instead of feeling scared or nervous, explain the steps you would take to arrive at a solution.
  • Have your references ready incase you are asked to produce a list of references during the interview.

With these tips and sincere efforts, the desired job can be yours.