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Types of Resumes

The various factors and steps associated with the recruitment process in among the different organizations are gaining increasing importance as the post globalized scenario slowly sets in on all the nations of the world. The job market is becoming more and more competitive in every sector with the major shifts being witnessed in this regard to such things as the attitude of the employers from the traditional one’s who sought candidates with strong academic records and professional experience and also the ones that had the most impressive facts and figures their resume.

Today as with other sectors of life other aspects of life, the HR departments of most organizations, even in case of an official recruitment of a candidate for a particular job, are more interested in the employees ability for prevention rather than the core substance.

Since the entire decision of the authorities to call a candidate for an interview is largely dependent o the contents of the resume and how it’s able to its influence on the relevant hiring personnel, it’s therefore no wonder that the world has suddenly woken up to the importance of a properly written and well presented resume as the first significant step in the entire procedure as the.

There are two main types of resumes that are broadly in use today among the candidates and job seekers and are also recognized by organizations and concerned authorities. It is usual for one to pass recruitment as a fresh entrant into the job market without much of an experience of work.

  1. Functional Resumes
  2. Chronological Resumes